East Denver United Neighbors

We never start something we can’t finish!

We ran for Mayor on the platform of the betterment of the people that live and work in Denver.

The last Mayor [soon-to-be] and his administration were so pro-development that he forgot about the people who live and work in Denver and we have paid for it dearly.

Gentrification started in Denver neighborhoods where residents with lower socioeconomic status’ Latino, and Black residents. Today, gentrification is out of control, not only affecting the lower socioeconomic status but the working class as well, regardless of race. Denver has become a city that caters to the higher socioeconomic and wealthy people.

Greed has no preference.

We as Denver residents must unite and hold the next mayor and administration accountable. We must reverse the direction Denver is headed and stop the gentrification. Many people are being forced to leave Denver because of the high costs of living. The new administration has the power to change this and keep Denver livable for the lower socioeconomic and working-class people.

We have formed a neighborhood organization ‘East Denver United Neighbors’ with boundaries East of Broadway and North of Colfax. East Denver is still home to Latino [Mexican, Chicano], African American, and working-class people, an area that will be gentrified should we not hold our elected officials accountable.

We seek people to be part of EDUN. If you live in East Denver or want to get involved, contact us and be part of the team.

United we stand strong!