The Fair Elections Fund is a ballot measure passed in every precinct by more than 70 percent of voters in the 2018 General Election.

The people of Denver have spoken. They are sick and tired of candidates “buying” elections simply because they are able to out-spend opponents by unbelievably wide margins. This, more often than none, lead to the public being dissatisfied with the candidates elected to office.

The Fair Elections Fund matches individual donations of up to $50 at a ratio of 900%. A Denver resident’s contributing donation of $50 will be matched with $450 from the Fair Elections Fund, giving residents of Denver who cannot afford larger contributions a strong voice. The matching funds level the playing field and stop special interest groups, million-dollar developers, along with other manipulating organizations from “buying” the election for “their” candidates of choice.

If you feel the way we do, that Denver is a broken city and needs a new direction, then please contribute to our campaign. Your small contributions of $50 and under will go a long way in Bringing Back Denver to the fantastic and beautiful city we all remember.