The challenge of running for Denver Mayor was an enormous one. We knew from the start that winning would be tough, but not impossible.

The goal we had to meet in order to become Denver Mayor was to make residents aware of who I am and what I stand for, should we accomplish this, we could win and make Denver a better place live, a city that would be ideal to raise a family.

Denver’s Fair Elections Funds (FEF) encouraged me to run for mayor. The FEF matching funds would by all means allow our campaign to compete with big-money candidates and give us the ability to gain name recognition among Denver residents. Because of A poorly managed FEF campaign finance committee, the FEF was a complete failure to the candidates that needed it most.

The reason for running was simple, Denver is broken and needs to change paths. In order to become a beautiful city, an inviting city, and the iconic city of the United States of America, Denver needs to cater to the people who make Denver their home. Denver residents need to have strong input as to what happens in Denver.

For now, we’ll roll with the punches, look closely at both run-off candidates, and decide which of the two will be the better choice for the people that reside in Denver and make a decision as to who to support.

As a businessman, neighborhood activist, and a prizefighter, I give a promise to the people of Denver, I will not quit, quitting has never been an option for anything I do. Losing my candidacy for mayor of Denver is not the end of a struggle to repair a broken city, but the beginning.

We will keep our website active [], please visit and join the movement for a better Denver. Collectively, we can call on Denver to better serve its people. -Aurelio ‘Lelo’ Martinez

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